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Let us help you to put together a tour to southern Africa. We have more than 6 years experience when it comes to tailor making a lot of different types of tours, especially in South Africa. If you book with us you can expect personal service and a strong commitment. We are only happy if you are happy!

Cape Town
Cape Town has been voted one of the top destinations with its natural beauty and the great variety of activities. Its vibrant atmosphere makes sure you never get tired of the variety of experiences the city has to offer…

Golf tours
With an abundance of sunshine and some of the best and most beautiful golf courses, South Africa is a great destination for golf enthusiasts. There are hundreds of excellent golf courses to choose from!

Namibia is a country of contrasts that offers a diversity of cultures. It boasts wild coastal landscapes, rugged mountains, vast deserts and stunning wildlife in some of the world's most magnificent national parks.

Destination South Africa
We are Lina and Julia and we have been running Destination South Africa for over 6 years now and we've loved every moment. We are still discovering new places, within South Africa but also in its neighbouring countries.

Nowadays Julia lives permanently in South Africa while Lina is splitting her time between South Africa and Sweden. This means that at least one of us is right here if you should need help during your trip.

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Save the rhino!
Poaching of rhinos has increased dramatically in recent years, and behind this is an increased demand for rhino horn in Asia. In South Africa, that has more than 80% of the world population of rhinos, these beautiful animals are being slaughtered almost daily.

We donate money to help WWF in the fight against poachers, to help with the conservation of these amazing animals. Do you?

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